Big Clifty Park

Beaver Lake

Built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Big Clifty Park is leased to Carroll County. Offering hiking, tent camping and a boat launch, Big Clifty offers a glimpse of life in the Arkansas outdoors. It is located on the stream, Big Clifty, near where it flows into Beaver Lake.

Guests include fishermen, hunters, hikers swimmers and picnickers. A popular area for canoes and kayaks, many people launch from Big Clifty Park to paddle through Hogscald Hollow, which provides beautiful waterfalls, especially after a rain. It also offers access to Penitentiary Hollow, which has two waterfalls if there has been rainfall.

Cabin rentals and hotels are located nearby. Boat tours and watersport guides are also available. SUP Outfitters in Eureka Springs will meet clients at the park for surfing, windsurfing, outdoor activities, paddle boarding, boat tours and a list of water activities. Nearby Eureka Springs offers many historic sites and various tours for visitors as well.

Big Clifty Park is reached by following Carroll County Road 108 west from Arkansas 23 south of Eureka Springs. Several marinas and bait and tackle shops are located nearby for convenience. The park is surrounded by towering limestone cliffs and natural caves.

This is a beautiful park on the southeast corner of Beaver Lake.  If you enjoy the outdoors, you will not want to miss this park.

Located at:
County Road 108
Garfield, Arkansas