Watchable Wildlife Area

There are several recreational areas along Beaver Lake that were constructed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The Blackburn Creek Watchable Wildlife Area is one of those. Offering interpretative hiking trails, you can enjoy the day taking your time as you stroll through nature. It provides ample opportunity to enjoy wildlife in natural habitat and to even take in some bird watching.

The different seasons also offer opportunity to enjoy the native plant life, such as leaves turning in fall and plants blooming in spring and summer. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission is located on Blackburn Creek. Millions of fingerling game fish are raised in the Blackburn Creek Nursery Pond each year. Those fish are later released into Beaver Lake.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers manages the Blackburn Creek area. There is no fee for accessing this particular property. Blackburn Creek is actually a part of Hobbs Creek State Park. The 4.3-mile Bashore Ridge Loop Trail takes hikers to a scenic overlook where they can view Blackburn Creek. Blackburn Creek is a large inlet that connects to Beaver Lake. The trail is multi-use, so in addition to hiking it can be used for horses, bikers and runners. Dogs are permitted if kept on a leash.